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Full Suspension Bikes

Have you left your bike at home and want to play on the trails of Alta Badia?

You can take care of that craving here with the latest performance models

also suitable for the Sellaronda Bike Tour

Santacruz Nomad

C S 27.5"


Big mountain riding is a nomadic existence. Meeting friends in farflung car parks. Pinpointing trails you're not sure are even rideable. Sending the ones you know are. Shiny new bling gets battered, shattered and bruised. That’s life. That’s how it should be. That's why the Nomad exists.

Santacruz Hightower

C XT 29"


If ever a bike resembled your most cherished mix tape compilation, the Hightower is it. Featuring our lower-link mounted shock design, updated, adjustable geometry, this “Engineering Best Of...” assembles some of our biggest design pleasers into one belter of a road-trip companion..

Santacruz Bronson

C S 27.5"


You know what’s hard about choosing what model of Santa Cruz suits you? It’s having to narrow down what kind of riding you want to do. But what if you don’t want to be pinned down by labels? What if you want to just be a mountain biker in the broadest sense of the word? What if you want to choose how you ride rather than what to ride? If this sounds familiar, then try a Bronson.


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