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Road Bikes

Come to retrace the race course of the Marathon of the Dolomites, with its exhilarating hills and its breathtaking views.

Bicycles suited to enhance the characteristics of the Sellaronda road tour

with ratios and construction suitable for the paths of the Dolomiti

Pinarello Dogma F12

Disk Di2


Pinarello has been the main technical partner of Team Sky since its foundation in 2009. This partnership has seen the development of 12 different road bikes and 3 time trial bikes that have been successfully used by the team to win races across the world.

Pinarello Paris

Disk Di2


Thinking for Endurance, ready to conquered the Victory

Pinarello Grevil



Unique Design, PINARELLO DNA… FULLGAS Everywhere!


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TOP 59€ 116€ 171€ 216€ 246€ 294€ 343€ 47€
MEGA 99€ 195€ 290€ 380€ 470€ 560€ 650€ 90€


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