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Problems with your bike?

Our Dr. Manny will take care of them!

Change inner tubes and tires

If you got a hole and aren’t equipped to change the inner tube yourself, let our Doctor Manny take care of it. You’ll be back on the road in the blink of an eye. In our store you'll find a wide range of tires and tubes that you can buy and we’ll be happy to change them for you upon request. We sell kits for inner tube repair and replacement.

Gear shifter adjustment and tuning

Are you experiencing problems with your gear shifters? Have you been trying to change gears and the shifting hasn’t been very accurate and fast or skips gears by itself? Bring your bike to us and we’ll do the necessary adjustments or tuning to get your gear shifters back to normal. Our mechanic will do a complete check to get you back on the road or off-road as quickly as possible.

Problems with your bike brakes?

Does your bike brake when you want? Take it to us for an inspection. We have brake pads for both mountain and road bikes and if you have to replace them, we can do it. We adjust V brakes and change or top off those with brake fluid. And don’t worry if you break a cable, we normally have a good supply.

Problems with the Spokes?

Are you missing a few spokes? Or has your wheel taken a few blows and doesn’t spin the way it used to? Pass by our workshop and we’ll fix your spokes or if necessary, replace them upon availability.

Bike Wash

And if after a day of road cycling or shredding the Sellaronda trails you need to clean up, come to our bike station and you’ll find what you need to make your bike shine like new, including products suitable for delicate frames like carbon. You just need to make sure you don’t get cleaned and pressed yourself!

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