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E-Bike Junior

Bicicletta E-Bike da bambino 24"

Commencal Meta HT

2.0 24" JR

JUNIOR BIKE starting at €45 a day

Is your Kids Looking for an E-Bike? Check this out. Equipped with the new Shimano motor, you’ll feel its power after the first turn of the pedals and with the 65Nm torque and the double chain wheel, you’ll want to pop a wheelie! The 36 volt, 250 watt engine, with its 418Wh lithium-ion battery, is capable of giving you the assistance you need with various settings that allow you to pedal less or more up inclines. The specially designed computer is able to adjust the power and monitor pedal assistance and battery consumption, so you won’t be left without juice at the most beautiful part of your tour.

Its 24" wheel makes everything easier and smoother, and you’ll be able to adjust your climbs well with 10 gear selections. The front Suntour suspension system absorbs the bumps for shredding downhill. Total weight of the bicycle is 19.3 kg.


Sizes Available

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PRICE LIST 1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days 5 Days 6 Days 7 Days +1 Days
JUNIOR 49€ 96€ 141€ 184€ 221€ 253€ 281€ 29€